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Flat Feet And Lower Back Pain. How Your Feet Could Be The Issue

Backache concept bending over in pain with hands holding lower back

Backache concept bending over in pain with hands holding lower back

There is quite a lot of speculation between the health professions as to whether a person’s feet are operating in a way that can be contributing to development of lower back pain. As those that have experienced LBP can understand, it can be a very debilitating and life restricting problem that can last for many years. Here is a reasonably easy to understand scientific explanation as to how the use of custom made orthotics (insoles) can be the help  you need to resolve LBP and a reason for you come in to see your podiatrist about the pain you are experiencing.

Excessive pronation (or what we commonly refer to as ‘flat feet’) creates abnormal internal rotation stresses to the leg, which travels up to the hip, pelvis and lower back. We see this also in people with genu valgum (knock knees) where the knees appear to be facing inwards.

The result of this is recurring stresses, possibly leading to ligament laxity and instability that affect the sacroiliac and lumbar spine joints. Pretty much this means that too much pressure on these joints and ligaments from having excessive pronation could be the reason behind you having lower back pain. The excessive forces can be significantly decreased with the use of flexible, custom made orthotics, as they have the ability to alter the forces acting on the feet!

I bet you never thought of it that way!

In saying this the best way you can find out if your feet are affecting your back or the reason you are suffering from LBP  is to book in to see your podiatrist for a full biomechanical assessment to determine whether orthotics will be of any benefit to you. Of course there could be many other reasons behind your lower back pain, so we always advise to consult your doctor as well.

*The above information is not intended to be medical advice. If you have any medical history or concerns please consult your doctor.

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