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Hot weather Tips and Tricks for your feet!

Summer Ready Feet
Summer Ready Feet


It has been reported to be the hottest summer in years, with many expressing that they have never experienced a summer so warm. With drastic increase in temperature comes many negative effects.

Below are some tips and tricks to get and keep your feet summer ready!

Footwear: A summer favourite is a thong/flip-flop, however wearing these for long periods of time may lead to many conditions/deformities. In clinic, we have a range of orthopaedic thongs that offer support, whilst still being comfortable.

Blisters: Repeated friction against skin from a foreign material/object may lead to painful sores called blisters. These usually arise due heat coupled with the wrong shoe, material and size. Come in and see a podiatrist for assessment and fitting of an orthopaedic shoe that best suits your activity and foot type.

Sweaty feet: Some people have increased susceptibility to sweaty feet, leading to a heightened chance of developing infection. Wearing socks will help with collecting excess moisture, however changing socks regularly and washing your feet daily is paramount.

Dry/cracked heels: Wearing open shoes/sandals decreases moisture leading to dry/cracked heels. Applying a urea based cream daily will help keep your feet smooth. However, sometimes underlying medical conditions such as diabetes are the cause of dry skin which need extra attention/treatment, thus visiting your podiatrist on a regular basis is important.

Fungal infections: With the warmer weather an increase in fungal nails/skin is seen. Walking barefoot increases this risk, mainly around public pools and showers. It is paramount that shoes are worn at all times, even around your own house. If you have any concerns about your nails or skin, come in to clinic for an assessment.

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