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How To Keep Your Feet Warm During The Winter Months



Winter is here! There has been a quick drop in temperature this past month and we are definitely feeling it! Have you been wrapped in a blanket while enjoying some down time watching TV, and everything is warm except your feet? Or at work and you can’t concentrate because of how cold they are?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your feet warm and toasty!

Socks: Changing your socks is important! There are many different types of socks and getting warmer thicker ones is important for winter. So which ones should you wear during the winter months? Socks made from wool are far superior to natural and synthetic materials at keeping your feet warmer, but also the thickness of the socks. There are also blended fabrics that are specially designed to keep feet super warm, but we find the ones with higher percentage of wool to work the best. Also try and stay away from socks that are too tight around the ankle as they can restrict the blood flow to the toes and we rely on our blood to keep us nice and warm. Layering your socks may also be helpful, but not too many layers as your footwear may become tight which can reduce the blood flow.

Shoes: Are you partaking in outdoor activities and find it hard to keep it up during the winter months because your feet get too cold? Wearing a jogger or boot that is fully breathable is crucial as it allows moisture to dry during the warmer months but during winter when there is dampness out and about wearing a water proof enclosed upper is important. Depending on the activity you are doing you may also need to look at the style and perhaps a boot that’s higher will help keep the moisture and wind out. Are you at home and even though you’re wearing socks, your feet are still cold? Wearing woolen slippers over your socks will add some extra warmth. But also try and keep moving! And watch out, never get your feet too close to any heating elements as that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Activity: Have you been sitting down for a prolonged period of time in the office or at home? Standing up and moving around will help the blood circulate around your body. Activity increases the blood flow to our feet and hands keeping us feeling nice and warm.

Clothing: Our mothers were always right by telling us to dress properly before leaving the house in case of catching a cold! What they should have been saying is “You’re going to catch THE cold” literally. If the core of our bodies are kept warm by layering appropriately for the weather, what this does is encourage blood flow and body temps to keep at the right levels.

Toe warmers and creams: Tried everything to keep warm and you’re still prone to getting cold feet? Try using toe warmers or feet cream intended to warm the skin up. These can be found at a local pharmacy or in clinic.

If you would like more information come and visit us at in clinic as we have winter products available.

* If you have any medical history or a medical condition. Please consult your doctor or a podiatrist before following the about advice.

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