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How to pick the right shoe for you!

Features to look for when purchasing your next shoe.shoe-shopping

Choosing the right shoe is essential to prevent injuries and keep your feet comfortable and ready to take on the day!

Below are some tips and features to look for when shopping around for your next work or everyday shoe:

  1. Heel counter – should be firm, enclosed and high enough to help control and support your foot.
  2. Toe box – toes should sit comfortably with the front of the shoe being deep and wide enough.
  3. Heel height – should not exceed 2.5cm.
  4. When bending the shoe, it should only bend where the toes naturally do so at the ball of the foot. The shoe should never bend or be able to twist in the middle where the contour of your arch should be. The midsole needs to be firm and shock absorbing.
  5. The length of the shoe should approximately be one thumb longer then the longest toe.
  6. The shoe should always be fastened by laces, Velcro or buckle making sure your foot is secure.
  7. The upper should be made of breathable material and sole being slip resistant.
  8. Removable insole – as a customised insole may be needed for extra support or foot alignment correction.
  9. It is best to buy shoes at the end of the day when your feet have swollen to get greatest fit.
  10. It is recommended to break in and wear new shoes slowly.

If you would like more information, come and visit us in clinic as we have a wide range of orthopaedic footwear available.

*If you have a previous foot condition or experiencing pain and discomfort in your lower limb. Please consult a podiatrist before following the about advice and choosing a shoe as unique features may be needed to accommodate the condition.

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