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Take Home Tips For Diabetic Feet

Happy Feet
Happy Feet

As many of you would know, diabetes has an impact on our entire body and our feet. It is Important to take care of your feet at home after seeing a podiatrist or other health professional. This will help decrease diabetic foot complications.


  1. Getting your blood sugar levels under control:

By speaking to your health care team on ways to help you achieve this.

  1. Keeping your feet hygienic and clean:

Washing daily with warm water, not hot.  Drying in between toes thoroughly.

  1. Check your feet daily:

Making sure nothing has changed e.g cuts or blisters.

  1. Applying cream daily:  

A urea based cream is recommended. Applying on top and bottom of feet, avoiding in between your toes.

  1. Wearing socks and shoes at all times:

Making sure your socks are clean and changed daily. Wearing wide toe boxed shoes that are supportive and comfortable.  Making sure you’re checking your shoes before wearing them to make sure nothing is inside or on the bottom.

  1. Being active: 

This will help with blood circulation and blood sugar level control.

  1. Cutting your nails in between podiatry visits: 

Making sure you cut your nails straight across and lightly using a nail file on the edges.

*Please consult your doctor or a podiatrist before following the above steps.

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